Personalised Milestone Necklaces

Personalised Silver Necklaces

‘Milestones’ are a beautiful way to wear your loved ones close to your heart and remember those landmark moments in life. Each personalised necklace is individually cast from a pebble from Brighton beach, hand picked by Sarah our designer, the complimenting textures bringing their tactile nature to life.

Sarah was inspired to develop this collection of personalised necklaces when her little boy was born. Sarah and Clive wanted to mark Milo’s arrival with something natural, a unique piece of personalised jewellery with a lovely hand-crafted, organic feel.

Each of the carefully chosen pebbles has its own patina and texture from years of tumbling around beaches and sea shores. They can be worn as a single silver pendant, or grouped together as a cluster on a silver necklace. The reverse of each pebble is highly polished ready for engraving, all you have to do is tell us your message.

Each ‘Milestone’ is made in our Hove workshop from solid sterling silver. These wonderfully heavy-weight silver necklaces, evoke a feeling of quality & craftsmanship. They make a great gift for a new mum, with space for the names of your children, birthdays and wedding dates, or maybe a personal message that only your loved ones will understand, ‘Milestones’ will be cherished, loved and worn for many years to come.

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