Your Stories...

We love hearing what your jewellery means to you. Why don’t you take a minute to read some of these heart warming stories we have received over the years. There are lots more on the ‘stories’ tab on individual products.

"...Having a close group of friends from Uni, we decided to group together and buy each other a 30th birthday gift that would remind us of our friendship – and last for the future. They bought me two milestone pendants with 'Amicitia' (friendship) in Latin & 6 stars, one for each of us - I'll wear it for years!..."- Alexia

Silver Personalised Milestones

"...I bought "Believe and Dream" as was told that I had little chance of becoming pregnant. If you believe then your dreams will come true and I bought "Sugar and Spice" after the birth of my daughter Erin, who is my “Ray of Sunshine” – so dreams really do come true!!!..."- Jen

Silver and gold Mojos

"...I've had my Mojo heart necklace for two years now and I wear it every day. I've only just realised it can be worn different ways - some days I wear just the Mojo. I really special as my best friend got it for me - she said on the card we're like soul sisters..."
- Sarah

Silver and gold mojo heart necklaces

"...Firstly, a very big thank you for updating my bangle to represent Emma's arrival - I'm absolutely delighted. My husband ordered the One Love bangle for me as a surprise gift on our wedding day and we've added loops over the years, to symbolize the arrival of each our children. The girls love playing with it, and I love that it represents us as a family - together and connected as one’..."- Rachael

Silver and gold one love bangle with personalised loops

"..Two years ago my mother was very ill - ICU, operation, weeks in hospital - the works. My father is an extremely difficult man, 10 times more difficult than my poor mother. I did what I could, but I have a family and live 250 miles away - after a couple of weeks the burden fell on my sister. I sent her the Bollox mojo for all the times one has to take a very deep breath, walk away and swear in the car on the way home - rather than braining the awkward old so and so! We still need it today - it makes us laugh when we could easily lose heart...."- Min

Silver Bollox! Mojo

"...I gave both my daughters a Scarlett charm bracelet when they were born and every Christmas I add a new charm. They are 5 & 7 now and look for the little box under the tree from Santa - there is lots of excitement guessing which charm it will be this year! I want them to have a beautiful piece of jewellery to treasure, full of memories of when and why each charm was added. So far, they have all the girly charms - but they also have the welly charms as they live in wellies in the winter! ..."- Fran

Silver Charm Bracelet