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Award winning British jewellery designer Sarah Fenton established Scarlett in 1998. The design signature is jewellery with spirit. Scarlett's designer silver jewellery, including the range of silver star jewellery, have attracted a loyal international following from those in the know, from people seeking silver charms to add to their collection, a beautiful silver necklace, or a meaningful gift for a loved one.

The spirit is the emotive message behind the jewellery. Many of the pieces of jewellery come accompanied by individual meaning cards to express the symbolism, and silver charms have a collectable card to explain the meanings of all charms. The timeless simplicity makes Scarlett a jewellery box favourite - something to wear everyday. It's the talismanic stories and mantras that make the wearer feel cherished, protected and adored.

Scarletts designer silver jewellery celebrates lifes landmarks, and we aim to delight and inspire the wearer. Different collections will have a special relevance to your life, with pieces to reflect lifes journey.