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Bespoke & Corporate Gifts

We are frequently asked to create individual, bespoke pieces for you and we love getting creative and working with you on your designs. We can often cast silver jewellery designs found on our website in yellow or rose gold, or add diamonds or engraving to some pieces using traditional hand engraving techniques.

Bespoke handmade gold bangle

We often make bespoke sizes solid gold bangles, bespoke engraved cufflinks and gold charm bracelets as bespoke commissions, and occasionally get to make an original one-off silver or gold charm.

Read our guide on having a bespoke charm made and get in touch if you'd like a quote – we have recently made two amazing charms to give you some ideas.

Recent commissions include an Osprey charm in silver for a corporate gift, and a gorgeous pair of silver cufflinks hand engraved with a family crest.

Bespoke Traveller Charm with family crest engraved

We made a short video you can see here showing one of our recent favourite commissions – to create two handmade gold bangles to match a customer’s silver bangle she’d had for years and worn every day. The two bangles were to be engraved with roman numerals to mark special dates she could wear and remember.

Bespoke engraved silver cufflinks

To enquire about your designs and what we could make for you, drop us an email or call our workshop on 01273 722110 and speak to us about your ideas – we can arrange a quick quote for you and work with you on your design brief to create you something truly original – a one of a kind.

Bespoke osprey silver charm