We're celebrating 7 years at Chelsea Flower Show this year, and are going to make it the best ever! We've achieved so much in terms of jewellery design in the last 18 months, and developed such a wide range of flower jewellery with an exciting new range of silver charms to be launched at the show - now is the time for us to get busy making.

As many of you know it often takes 1-2 months to get one of our gold charms made.  Many people ask how it's done, so we wanted to share this little picture with you today of our sunflower charm in it's delicate wax form, ready to be sent off to be magically transformed into a pretty gold flower charm.

All our charms have started out as a little piece of wax - carefully carved in intricate detail, the tiny, fragile wax is put on a sprue and popped with other waxes into a metal casting cylinder.  A form of plaster is then poured in to create a mould around the wax.  The wax is then melted away, and poured out, and molten gold or silver poured into the spaces left behind to create you a replica in gold.

The newly cast gold charm then is hallmarked and hand polished to remove any seams or marks from the casting process - a tricky and highly skilled task to make sure that none of the lovely detail our charms is known for is polished out.

So off we go - embarking on some new gold sunflowers for Chelsea is just the start!  Watch this space to see what other new pieces we're working on.  There's a lot of exciting things ahead at Scarlett.

Sunflower Charm Wax by Scarlett Jewellery