This year when we were preparing for Chelsea Flower Show we were a little stumped for what flower to create.  For those that are regular visitors to the flower show and our pop-up shop in Chelsea, you'll know we always create a unique and limited edition charm for the show, often based on their flower of the year.

2016 wasn't such an easy task - the flower for the year wasn't a flower as a hybrid of many flowers - pink, purple, red, yellow petals of all shapes and sizes, but not a single flower or theme to the show, so we had to get creative and work on something we felt was missing from our collection of meaningful flower charms.  Originally based on flower meanings found in a vintage 'Language of Flowers' book, all our silver flower charms have meaning.  With the sun struggling to make it's way out since the wet May and June we've seen so far it's perfect timing that we launch our brand new flower charmThe Sunflower - just as the clouds break and the heat wave starts!

The Sunflower is undoubtedly a strong and beautiful plant, proudly reaching up to the sun above the shadows, an English country garden favourite for all ages, with children planting them from seeds and watching them grow taller than them in a few short weeks.

Our Sunflower Charm means 'Adoration, Loyalty & Longevity' as found in the Victorian Language Of Flowers.  The range includes a simple, pretty soldering silver charm, an adjustable solid silver Sunflower Charm Bracelet, and a gorgeous, lightweight Sunflower necklace perfect for your summer outfit.

Launched at Chelsea and then Hampton Court flower shows this summer, we're pleased to bring them online to charm collectors who in the past have missed out on our limited edition charms for Chelsea.  The sun is here to stay - so turn and face the sun and enjoy the long days!

sunflower silver charm