We first started making personalised charm beads about 4 years ago - using a skilled hand engraver the results were positive but a little hit and miss.  Sometimes the engraving wasn't deep enough, sometimes it left big spaces between words.  In all they were very difficult to get perfect, and at Scarlett we always seek perfection otherwise it's just not worth doing!

So we found a solution - we'd buy a gigantic world war II engraving machine, have an expert teach us how to use it, and learn how to master engraving around a curved surface so the finished result is as close to our silver & gold mojos as possible

Using the same original font, we create each person's message, name or date, transform it into a format that we can trace around, and we engrave carefully each letter to make sure it's the same depth, evenly spaced and the perfect fit around the bead.  It's taken years for us to become confident enough to be able to make them more affordable.  Recently we were thrilled to be able to reduce the price of these gorgeous personalised beads from £89 down to £59 - that's how good we've got at it! 

So I decided it was time to pick my faves and put together a short inspirational movie to help our customers choose what to engrave on theirs.  Adding a heart or star is a popular choice to fill a gap when you have a shorter name or message, adding a date to a baby name makes a great gift for mum, and getting creative with original symbols is something we love to do - so don't be afraid to ask if you want a whale, a cat, or an anchor!

The only question left is what would you choose to engrave?

Isaac engraved necklace

Miles and Mum engraved bead

Whale engraved charm bead

Anchor silver necklace