2016 is all about new - keeping Scarlett Jewellery fresh with new designs, staying on-trend with what our fans and customers want for their everyday style, and getting creative in the workshop.

As we're also about classic jewellery design, the new Simply Heart jewellery is really an extension of one of our most popular pieces, simple off-centre heart stud earrings that have been an iconic Scarlett design for almost 20 years.

Taking this gorgeous organic shape you all love, we've expanded the range to feature lightweight and elegant heart necklaces and bracelets, a quirky silver heart bangle and a stunning and affordable hollow heart ring.

https://www.scarlettjewellery.com/jewellery/simply-heart-outline-stud-earrings https://www.scarlettjewellery.com/bracelets-and-bangles/801-silver-simply-heart-bracelet.html https://www.scarlettjewellery.com/rings/799-silver-simply-heart-ring.html

We started by making the pendants to perfect their gorgeous shape, then started working on the ring, bracelet and bangle.  The heart pendants have been a huge hit and started appearing in our stockists around the UK.  Available in silver or a mix of silver & rose or yellow gold, the simple style makes them a great sentimental gift to represent a mum and baby, sisters or best friend.

The new silver heart charm bangle features a free-moving delicate heart giving you a wearable, contemporary take on the tradition heart charm bangle.  The new silver heart bracelet features two Simply hearts - a central heart and tiny accent that cleverly allows you to fasten this adjustable silver bracelet at two points to fit a range of wrist sizes.

My personal favourite is the new Simply Heart ring - the beautiful heart shape at the fore of this hollow silver ring makes an affordable and stylish piece easy for work wear. 

There are plans to include a new pair of 'barely there' delicate studs in the summer so watch this space for details.  Don't forget we can also make any of these pieces in gold as a commissioned piece just for you - get in touch for details.

https://www.scarlettjewellery.com/bracelets-and-bangles/800-silver-simply-heart-bangle.html https://www.scarlettjewellery.com/silver-necklaces/742-silver-large-simply-heart-necklace.html