Fascinated by old papers and family letters, she often rummaged through her Granny's desk where she happened upon this tiny little book.

It was a delightful find for a child – small enough to hold, a magical slightly dog-eared treasure which much later became the starting point for Scarlett's much loved flower charm collection.

Every silver flower charm has its own meaning, inspired by the Victorian Language of Flowers.  The art of floriography was like a secret code between the reserved Victorians under the reign of Queen Victoria, enabling them to express innermost passions through plants and flowers.  A posy became a coded message of love deciphered using one of the many floriography dictionaries of the day.

The collection includes a Forget-Me-Not charmDaisy charmButtercup charmBluebell charmPoppy charm and Lily Of The Valley charm and they each come with their own special meaning card.