Charm rings from Scarlett - it's all in the heart...

Our silver & gold Sweetheart Charm Rings are more than just an accessory.  They are a talisman, a heart-shaped reminder to follow the beat of your own.

These unique rings encompass a dangling solid silver, gold or rose gold sweetheart charm: it gently moves with you as you go through your day, so you receive a subtle reminder to check in with your own heart's desire.  It's an everyday piece that gives you a quiet moment of reflection, every single day.

Perhaps it's even calling to you now? After all, the heart wants what the heart wants...

The generous shape of the silver ring band is designed for maximum comfort, long lasting wear and contemporary styling.

A popular piece that's evolved throughout Scarlett's 20 year history, but remains a stylish choice. 

We have customers who have gone years wearing theirs and return them to us for maintenance and repair every year or so to keep the loops in tip top shape so they can continue to enjoy them for many years more.

How we make the Charm Ring

Each ring is beautifully made from fine solid silver with a gloriously rounded profile.

The loop on the front of the ring is part of the ring's original casting - the heart is formed separately in either solid silver, gold or rose gold, then securely attached and soldered to the ring so it gently moves with you.

Each one is hallmarked and polished to perfection and comes with a pretty meaning card with every order.