Rose Gold

We’re loving that rose gold has become so popular. A warm colour that is perennially flattering, it suits all skin tones. We use solid 9ct rose gold for all our jewellery - and nothing is plated.  We hallmark our gold elements, so you can be assured its the real deal.

Our rose gold bracelets, necklaces and earrings are beautifully made to give you precious, timeless jewellery to be worn day after day.

We were fascinated to learn about the history  – rose gold jewellery first became fashionable in the 19th century in Russia, where it was referred to as ‘Russian gold’.  The Victorians were the next wave of rose gold wearers and it was Cartier’s famous “Trinity” ring that sky rocketed its popularity.  Jean Cocteau, the illustrious poet and writer wore a triple ring on his left pinkie finger.  In fact, he privately commissioned Cartier to create the ring – so it really should be called a Cocteau ring, rather than a Russian wedding ring!


The recent fashion for rose gold jewellery has a number of explanations.  It’s more discreet than yellow or white gold against the skin – and it brings warmth to the design says David Lamb, the managing director for jewellery at the World Gold Council.  Rose gold jewellery makes an individual statement, that speaks volumes about the wearer who is looking for contemporary jewellery that’s original and personal to them.

Rose gold is feminine and soft, with a vintage feel.  It really does suit all skin types.  Sometimes called pink gold, it feels exclusive and a little bit different.  It works especially well mixed with other metals and at Scarlett Jewellery we love mixing rose gold with yellow gold or silver. Take a look at our rose gold collection.