Scarlett Jewellery - the history of bracelet charms

Since Scarlett was first established back in 1998 we've been in the business of making pretty and meaningful bracelet charms.  Some of them have been so popular that the designs and style have barely changed. Man have gone with trends with new ones taking their place, and some have gone through several changes to be the finished charms you love today.

Here's our full A-Z of all the bracelet charms we've ever made.  We'd love to hear from you if you are still wearing any of the charms from the past, and if you have any great ideas for ones for the future.

Acorn Silver Charm

Meaning: Strength from Tiny Beginnings

First launched in 2009 with a much smaller design than you see today, the little acorn charm grew into a larger and more striking version though the meaning remained.  Symbolising the tiny seed that grows into the might oak, the acorn is forever popular with those looking to commemorate a new beginning, new life or start of something great.

Acorn Silver Charm

Amethyst Silver Charm

Meaning: Spirituality

Our gemstone charms were introduced in around 2010 to bring colour to our Charm Cluster necklaces and charm bracelets.  Using natural amethyst stones, the pretty purple colour remains the most popular of our stone charms.

Silver Amethyst Charm

Angel Wing Silver Charm

Meaning: My Angel

Perfect for Christenings, this lovely silver charm has been popular since the launch in 2008 - the soft curve and detail of the wings fits perfectly around our cross charm to make a fine christening gift.

Silver Angel Wing Charm

Apple Silver Charm

Meaning: Knowledge & Health

An apple a day keeps the doctor away, and our little apple charm worked it's magic for many years as part of our charm collection from 1999 until we took a last bite in 2015.

Silver Apple Charm

Artist Silver Charm

Meaning: Creativity

A sweet silver paint tube charm engraved with 'Arty' was a popular choice for new students off to Uni to study the visual arts.  It was painted out of the range in 2015.

Silver Artist Paint Tube Charm

Baby Alphabet Cube

Meaning: New Baby

Designed and created between 2013 and 2016, this sweet building block charm is engraved with BABY with a heart on the top and a star on the bottom.  Symbolising youth and learning it was a popular charm for those commemorating a new baby.  This little charm was part of the range from 2011 - 2016

Silver Baby Alphabet Cube Charm

Personalised Baby Foot Silver Charm

Meaning: Adoration

One of our long standing and most popular charms to mark a new baby, our adorably cute baby foot charm is a sweet reminder of when baby's tiny feet were so small you could hold them in your hand.  Launched in 2009 this is still one of our best selling and most loved charms.

Silver Baby Foot Charm

Beehive Silver Charm

Meaning: Co-operation

One of our most complex and detailed charms, our chunky bee hive features a tiny bee sitting on the hive, with a tiny door at the bottom.  The rounded shape of this lovely nature charm makes is a perfect pendant, and it's been featured in press including The Evening Standard.

Silver Beehive Charm

Best Friends Silver Charm

Meaning: Together Forever

These two entwined silver hearts create a clever moving charm.  Made from two separate pieces, one heart is engraved with XOXO for hugs and kisses, and is joined to another matching heart.  Symbolising two friends together forever it's still a popular charm as a gift between friends.

Silver Best Friends Charm

Bluebell Silver Charm

Meaning: Humility

Being based in Sussex, we are lucky enough to not have to go far so see the carpets of bluebells in the sussex woodlands, which inspired us to create this beautiful flower as a charm for our collection.  Launched in 2011 this delicate flower charm is popular with visitors to our RHS shows.

Silver Bluebell Charm

Bird Box Silver Charm

Meaning: Home Sweet Home

First created in 2013 this is one of cleverly made charms - the base is separately cast so the little bird house is hollow inside so you can see inside through the tiny heart shaped hole.  The teeny bird sits on top of the house and has detail down to the wings and beak.

Silver Bird Box Charm

Bumble Bee Silver Charm

Meaning: Busy Bee

Another of our original charms that's stood the test of time - back before the trend for bees became so popular we created this gorgeous and highly detailed bee charm has a smiling face, teeny curled up legs and textured wings.  

Silver Bumble Bee Charm

Bunny Silver Charm

Meaning: Playful

Inspired by everyone's favourite chocolate easter bunny, our chunky rabbit charm has detail from his ears to the paws on his feet.  The playful meaning makes it an easy charm for the young at heart, and a great alternative Easter gift.

Silver Bunny Rabbit Charm

Buttercup Silver Charm

Meaning: Cheerfulness

Another of our flower charms inspired by the meanings in the Victorian Language Of Flowers our pretty Buttercup charm is a sign of Cheerfulness and makes a delicate additiono to charm bracelet.  

Silver Buttercup Bracelet Charm from Scarlett Jewellery

Butterfly Silver Charm

Meaning: Renewal

The butterfly breaks free from the crysalis in an expression of new life, of renewal.  This delicate and highly detailed silver charm adds to our nature charm collection and is a popular piece at the Chelsea Flower Show.

Silver Butterfly Charm

Caterpillar Silver Charm

Meaning: Transformation

It was only right with a butterfly in the collection, we have to add the Caterpillar to complete the cycle.  Our quirky caterpillar charm is inspired in part by the Alice In Wonderland caterpillar, with a smiley face and little arms, he's a cartoon charm to cherish.

Caterpillar silver charm by Scarlett Jewellery

Champagne Bottle

Meaning: Celebration

One of our original charms, a dainty bottle of champers perfect for any celebration.  A popular charm to add to a bracelet for a wedding, christening to to mark an engagement.  This little charm popped it's last cork in 2016.

Silver Champagne Bottle Charm

Clam Shell Silver Charm

Meaning: Fertility

One of our earlier charms, the detail in this little shell charm is exqusite.  The shell has a lovely seaside texture on one side, and nestled inside the shell is a tiny crab hiding away. 

Silver Clam Shell Charm

Cinderella Shoe Silver Charm

Meaning: Rags To Riches

We are eternal romantics at Scarlett, and the tale of Cinderella who went from servant girl to prince charming inspired the design of this fairytale charm.  The silver slipper charm features a heart shaped heel - perfect for all girly girls with dreams to dream.

Cinderella Shoe Silver Charm

Cloud Nine Silver Charm

Meaning: Euphoria

This unique cloud charm cleverly had the word 'nine' written in it - a subtle reference to the joy of being on cloud nine.  A popular charm with romantics, this cloud was chased away by the sun in 2016

Silver Cloud Charm

Cream Pearl Silver Charm

Meaning: Purity & Innocence

A delicate freshwater pearl strung on silver wire and a silver loop makes a lovely accessory for a wedding day.  Each one is hand strung on our workshop.

Silver Cream Pearl Charm

Cross Silver Charm

Meaning: Faith

A charm bracelet essential for a Christening or Confirmation, our dainty silver cross charm makes a dainty pendant or bracelet charm.  The simple design and high polished finish makes it a timeless piece.

Silver Cross Bracelet Charm from Scarlett Jewellery

Cupcake Silver Charm

Meaning: Sweet Nothings

Baking has become a popular passtime in recent years with the popularity of the Bake Off, but our dainty cupcake charm has been around for a lot longer!  Originally designed in 2000, this little angel cake has adorned many sweet toothed bracelets and pendants. 

Silver Cupcake Bracelet Charm from Scarlett Jewellery

Daisy Silver Charm


Devil Tail Silver Charm

Meaning: Mischievous

A sweet and quirky charm for the young at heart with a devil in their tail - this little arrow shaped devil tail was part of our original charm collection and phased out in 2017.

Silver Devil Tail Charm

Dog Bone Silver Charm

Meaning: Loyalty

Another of our very first charms that's now been discontinued, this little doggy bone charm was around long before many of our other charms, and a simple memento of a favourite pet.

Silver Dog bone charm

Dragonfly Silver Charm

Meaning: Rebirth

For many years we have exhibited at the RHS Hampton Court Flower show, and with that comes lazy lunches on the long water, watching the dragonflies fly across in the sunshine.  These lovely summer days inspired our Dragonfly charm - with detail including folded legs under his body and textured wings.

Sivler Dragonfly Charm by Scarlett Jewellery

Heart Silver Charm

Meaning: Eternal Love

We've designed a lot of different heart jewellery pieces in the last 19 years, but we love our chunky love heart charm the most.  The sumptumous rounded heart has a lovely chunky feel to it and adorns our best selling Lifetime Charm Bracelet.  It's also available in solid yellow or rose gold.

Silver Heart Bracelet Charm from Scarlett Jewellery

Genie Lamp Silver Charm

Meaning: Make Three Wishes

A lovely three-dimensional genie lamp - the stuff of fairy tales!  A reminder to make your wishes come true, it was a popular piece on charm bracelets from it's launch in our original charm collection back in 1999 until it disappeared in a final puff of smoke in 2015.

Silver Genie Lamp Charm

Hedgehog Silver Charm

Meaning: Self-preservation

The delicate spikes of our little Hedgehog charm makes this spiny fella an easy to wear charm for a bracelet or as a necklace.  The detail down to the soles of his tiny feet and the pointy nose make it an iconic symbol of Britishness.

Silver Hedgehog Charm

Ivy Leaf Silver Charm

Meaning: Fidelity & Optimism

Another of our well know nature and flower inspired charm, this dainty Ivy Leaf was rich with detail, with a highly polished side for engraving.  A main part of our charm collection from 1999 until 2015

SIlver Ivy Leaf Charm

Silver Kiss Charm

Meaning: Hugs & Kisses

Our original Kiss charm was designed as a cross shaped kiss, and engraved with Kiss - a thoughtful addition to a charm bracelet to let someone know you think of them often.  This charm was part of the range from 2009 until 2016

Silver Hugs & kisses charm

Silver Oak Leaf Charm

Meaning: Wisdom & Longevity

A highly detailed autumnal charm that perfectly compliments our Acorn charm - the two often appear together in necklaces and bracelets popular for Christening gifts owing to their meaning and symbolism - from the acorn grows the mightly oak.

Silver Oak Leaf Charm

Passport Silver Charm

Meaning: The World's Your Oyster

We have created original travel gifts for world explorers and gap years for many years, and our little Passport charm was designed to be engraved with your leaving date on the reverse.  It took flight from the range in 2016.

Silver Passport Charm from Scarlett Jewellery

Penguin Silver Charm

Meaning: Trust

Launched in Christmas 2015, this adorable penguin is sitting on a tiny fish.  It also forms a part of our emotive Penguin & Pebble necklace that tells the story of how the penguins mate for life, giving the best pebble on the beach to their partner.

Silver Penguin Charm

Personalised Present Silver Charm

Meaning: Special Occasion

Launched in 2012, this chunky present charm is complete with gift wrapped bow.  We can personalise this silver charm with initials or numbers to mark a special birthday or Christmas, making it an easy gift for a bracelet or necklace.

Silver Present Charm

Pet Silver Charm

Meaning: Companionship

A unique and creative way to mark your favourite loyal pet, usually a dog, cat or rabbit - this simple Paw Print charm has a polished reverse side to engrave with your fave pets initials to create a personalised pet charm to treasure.

Pigs Might Fly Silver Charm

Meaning: Realise The Impossible

One of our best loved and most popular charms, this gorgeous 3-d flying pig charm has a wonderful, positive meaning and is filled with intricate detail, from the heavy hanging legs, the patterned wings and the wrinkly snout.  Realise the impossible today, not 'when pigs fly'...

Silver Flying Pig Bracelet Charm from Scarlett Jewellery

Riding Hat Silver Charm

Meaning: Protection

First launched at the Burghley Horse Trials in 2010, this highly detailed charm featured a heart and bow on the back, and a tiny pair of riding gloves inside the hat.  It took it's last canter and trotted out of the range in 2015.

Silver Riding Hat Charm

Rose Quartz Silver Charm

Meaning: Love & Self Worth

A pretty pink stone charm hand strung on silver wire in our workshop - a popular choice to add a touch of colour to a charm bracelet for a wedding or summer outfit.

Silver Rose Quartz Charm

Rosette Silver Charm

Meaning: 1st Prize

Another of our original and long standing bracelet charms, this little rosette is cleverly made from two pieces - the little central '1' sits inside the rosette and is popular with horse riding girls.

Silver Rosette Charm

Sweet 16 Silver Charm

Meaning: 16th Birthday

A delicate sweetie charm engraved with 16 - an easy birthday gift for girls turning sweet 16.  Styled like a traditional boiled sweet, it's dainty size works for all ages.

Silver 16th Birthday Charm

18th Birthday Silver Charm

Meaning: Coming of age

Every 18th birthday deserves to be marked with a keepsake, and our 18th Birthday charm has heart details for the holes in the 8 making an original and stylish addition to a charm bracelet.

Silver 18th Birthday charm

21st Birthday Silver Charm

Meaning: Key To The Door

Traditionally the key symbol is a popular keepsake to mark turning 21.  Our cleverly designed Key charm was launched in 2011 with a heart shaped fob and the lock cleverly shaped like the number 21.

Silver 21st Birthday Charm

Ammonite Silver Charm

Meaning: Long Life

A delicate charm cast from a real fossil found on the beach, our ammonite symbolises long life and is a popular addition to bracelets with a seaside theme.

Silver Ammonite Charm

Silver & Gold Daisy Charm

Meaning: Innocence

This two tone daisy charm with a solid gold centre first appeared in 2010 as part of our RHS floral themed jewellery.  The gold centre is separately made and set into the solid silver daisy - a lovely detailed summertime charm.

Silver & Gold Daisy Charm

Grey Pearl Silver Charm

Meaning: Feminine Wisdom

A blue-grey freshwater pearl strung on a silver wire and loop makes a simple colour addition to a charm bracelet. 

Silver Grey Pearl Charm

Baby Bean Silver Charm

Meaning: New Life

Created to look like the first new baby scan, our little bean charm is popular with mums to be to remind them of that first scan, the moment they first see their new baby.

Silver Baby Bean Charm

Baby Pram Silver Charm

Meaning: (Not known)

A very old charm from the collection, and short lived as it's not one of our best designs.  Created to look like an old fashioned pram, it wheeled out from the range in about 2006.

Silver Baby Pram Charm

Ballet Shoe Silver Charm

Meaning: Grace

Starting ballet for many young girls is a rite of passage, and our highly detailed ballet shoe bracelet charm features delicate soles, curly ribbons to join the charm to the bracelet and tiny bows on the front.  They danced into the range in 2009.

Silver Ballet Shoes Charm