When we launched our One Love collection back in 2007 (10 years later and it's still a popular choice for romantic jewellery) - we often were asked if it were possible to make them without the inscription.  The design and shape of the organic silver & gold loops that made up the mainstay of this designer jewellery collection were aesthetically desirable, but for those not looking for the emotive message the engraving didn't apply.

So finally in August 2015 we reworked the loop shapes slightly and created an elegant collection called Eclipse in part inspired by the One Love range, and in part inspired by the asymmetric shapes of the loops - as it reflecting the eclipse of the moon over the sun, the off-centre hole in the loops create a gorgeous thicker-thinner feel.

Eclipse silver and rose gold necklace and stacking ring Eclipse Solid silver bangle with gold loop Eclipse handmade silver & rose gold designer necklacce

Now we are pleased to add a new piece to this range - a simpler necklace with a horizontal profile that sits simply around the neck line.  Using a cleverly made slender chain link to pass through one Eclipse pendant on the horizontal plane, this tactile silver pendant is a wearable everyday necklace with a fluid, pleasing movement.

The Eclipse collection has become very popular since it's launch, often out-selling the original One Love range.  The tactile Eclipse silver necklace with it's entwined silver loops remains a best seller.  The heavyweight Eclipse Bangle with gold loop is a luxury bangle perfect for evening occasions.  The simple and classic shaped Eclipse silver hoop earrings fit close to the ear to be discreet for daily wear, but substantial enough to be noticed.

So, are we finished adding to this popular jewellery collection?  I guess time will tell.

Eclipse Horizon Loop Circle silver Pendant