Our range of solid silver charm bracelets are the traditional kind - using soldering charms to mark the special moments in life.

Charm bracelets are more than just a piece of jewellery - they are a way to collect pieces that tell the story of your life. Add a charm each birthday or Christmas to mark events and celebrate milestones in life and make each one your own unique work of art.

At Scarlett we've been making charm bracelets for over 20 years with a focus on meaning in every charm and a high quality finish to give you a bracelet to wear for your lifetime.

Our range includes adjustable silver bracelets that fit from childhood till they are fully grown, to a vintage style T-bar bracelet with secure clasp.  Each one made from solid silver ready to make your own.

Why collectable charms make great gifts

A charm bracelet that's been gradually build up over the years will be the one piece of jewellery to hold onto.

Every year a new charm could mark the main theme of the year - starting ballet as a child could be marked with a ballet shoe charm, learning to ride a horse marked with a horse shoe charm, studying music marked with a treble clef, graduating celebrated with a mortar board charm, and going travelling marked with a personalised passport charm.  A new baby commemorated with a baby footsteps charm engraved with the birth date.  A sadly departed grandparent remembered with a sweet forget-me-not charm.

The possibilities are endless - what a unique way to celebrate the adventures that life brings.


Our flower charms take their meaning and inspiration from the Victoria Language Of Flowers


Some charms can bring the wearer a sense of luck - a hint of positivity that helps get them through the day!


Not limited to bracelets, our meaningful charms make pretty & wearable everyday pendants