A short history of the travel talisman

Saint Christopher is widely known as the patron saint of travellers. Countless people worldwide would never dream of going on a trip without wearing a Saint Christopher medallion - some say it's a superstition but for many it's as much an essential part of the trip as the ticket that takes them there.

Men and women alike wear Saint Christopher necklaces or carry other talismans for good luck when they travel. These could be a key ring, bracelet, charm, or necklace with a good luck message on it.

Not limited to those of a Christian or Catholic faith, non-denominational alternatives are a great and original design - a modern day alternative that still brings with the traveller that same sense of a safety talisman in a simple message. 

At Scarlett we have a range of travel gifts that are both traditional and also modern in their design to suit all travellers, whether they be on a round the world trip or just a frequent flier with a long commute.

Scarlett's original traveller rucksack charm - shortlisted for Gift Of The Year

Scarlett unique Traveller Charms are something they can keep long after the journey is over.  Our original Traveller Keepsake Charm is designed to slide onto the drawstring of a rucksack and is engraved with positive and good luck symbols.

  • A footprint to remind them to only leave behind the gentle mark of their footprint behind
  • The sun to rmeind them of sunny times, warm beaches and peaceful times
  • A compass to remind them of the roots and journeys gone before
  • The @ symbol as a gentle nudge to remind them to keep in touch with those at home
  • The fifth side is left blank to engrave either a heart, star, aeroplane symbol or the initials of the traveller for a truly personalised piece.