A piece of personalised jewellery makes a special Christmas present - a unique gift that anyone would love to receive. It's no surprise that the trend for personalised and engraved pendants & necklaces, personalised bracelets, engraved bangles and even rings has grown over the past few years. When it comes to personalising jewellery, the only limit is your imagination!

But why has it become so popular?  

First of all, everyone who wears jewellery loves to have something unique and original. It's lovely to feel you have something secret that no-one else has, and by having jewellery personalised you can create exactly that. The message that's engraved is treasured and has a special meaning - it's made for you, so that your jewellery tells your own story.

It’s also far quicker and more affordable to personalise jewellery than it is make something like a bespoke silver or gold charm, or a custom-made bracelet or pendant. With lead times as short as three days for many personalised necklaces, you can get a special gift quickly - but it will still be the perfect present, showing real thought and effort.

Finally, personalised jewellery is all about how the wearer feels. When it's a gift, the person who receives it will feel a connection to the giver whenever the jewellery is worn. They will feel emotionally lifted by the engraved message on their jewellery, especially if it’s something like their children’s names, a special date, or a message from a special person. Personalised jewellery gives a message you can treasure every day – a wearable memory in a simple piece of handmade silver jewellery.

The fun part of choosing a piece of personalised jewellery is deciding what to have engraved. For Dad it could be a message from the kids; for Mum a note to make her smile and know how loved she is; and for a best friend it could be a nick-name, song lyrics or something to help them keep that New Year's resolution.  

The perfect time to choose personalised jewellery for someone you love is Christmas – give them something unique and from the heart, but without all the hard work. Shopping online makes things easy, so why not get creative and make an original personalised gift for someone this season? Then you'll be free to do the rest of your Christmas shopping!

Here are a few of our favourites with some great customer stories about their own personalised jewellery, which might give you some inspiration for what you want to engrave.