It hadn't occurred to me to propose, until a friend tweeted me on the morning of Feb 29th 2012 asking if he heard wedding bells in our household. When I realised the date I started to consider it. We'd been together for 6 years at this point, had a 3 year old daughter and were extremely happy. Even though the idea had now entered my head, I really didn't take it seriously.

Let me set the scene... My poor boyfriend was laid up with a broken leg at this point (in retrospect, it looks like I took advantage of his inability to run away), and had not shaved for a week or so. Throughout our years together I would regularly request that he grows a moustache (he looks so handsome with one, in a Brandon Flowers kind of way) but he would always refuse, not his look. Now I don't know exactly where this came from, but that morning, just before I left for work, he made a comment about getting around to shaving that day to which I replied "Great, but leave a moustache... please! If you do, maybe I'll propose when I get home." He at once looked confused and slightly terrified. I offered "Well it IS February 29th!", spinned on my heels and went to work! Where did that come from?!

Once at work I told my colleagues what had happened and their reactions made me realise the hugeness of my situation. What would I do if I returned home that afternoon and he had a moustache? Would he expect me to propose? Or did he think I was joking? Throughout the day, I became more and more nervous and had absolutely no idea what he was thinking. My collagues and friends had joined forces on Twitter to start the campaign #comeonthetache to gain support for my partners facial hair decision that would hopefully result in a wedding day. At 4pm I gave up on trying to concentrate on my work, left early and went to a jewellers shop and bought myself a diamond ring, just in case. A bit crazy, yes, but what if I had started a chain of events that morning that was actually going to end in marriage?! I needed to be prepared. My walk home was perhaps the most nerve wracking half hour ever and, as I turned my key in the lock, I was shaking like a leaf and felt sick with nerves! I truly had no idea what I would find on the other side of the door. 

When I walked through to the bedroom, heart beating loudly in my chest, I saw my man lying on the bed sporting no facial hair except that lovely moustache!

No idea what to do, I managed to utter the obvious "So, you left a tache...." 

"Yep!" he grinned from ear to ear.

I gulped and started to walk toward him at which point my brain decided to switch off and I must have muttered some words resembling a proposal, rather incoherently, at which point he took over and proposed properly. Hurrah!

I then found my voice, handed him the ring I had bought and said, "Maybe you'd like to give me this?" At this point, it was squeals of delight and laughter and hugs all round, then calling my parents and daughter who with them, and cracking open the champagne that he had bought earlier that day in anticipation of a proposal. So I admit that in the end I didn't actually propose to him but I did succeed in getting us to that point and I'm very glad I did. If it weren't for the February 29th leap year tradition, I would never have thought of it and may still be waiting for a proposal from him. This Feb 29th 2016, we will be celebrating our 6 month wedding anniversary, hopefully with more champagne and a tache.


Ladies I can recommend you take the plunge and, if you don't quite make it, I'm sure he'll step up and help you out.