I think it's fair to say that 2016 was the year for rings for us at Scarlett Jewellery - when I started working on new jewellery designs it was clear to me that our collection of silver rings was very thin on the ground and had been neglected for a few years, and being a real fan of rings (I often say I don't have enough fingers to wear them all!) it was something I wanted to get started on quickly.

2015 and 2016 saw plenty of new designer rings, but it wasn't until later in the year we finally perfected the tricky art of engraving on rings to create personalised rings for men & women with the same skill, beautiful finish and attention to detail our customers love and expect.

Being a mum to two pre-schoolers, my little family is the centre of my world.  Being a company director, the business takes the rest of my time and passion, so it felt like the perfect time to join the two, and create something that commemorates the family that will appeal to other families looking for an original way to wear them close to their heart.

We created our own personalised signet ring design to keep it unique to us.  Beautifully hand carved in wax, our signet ring has a classic, original shape and comfortable profile. Traditionally a signet ring starts out as a flat open ring blank, engraved then hammered into shape and soldered closed, but ours is cast in a range of sizes that's easy for us to hand size to fit quickly for a fast, personalised service.

Using our signature engraving style, we created a stylish, and on-trend crossed arrow design that fits up to four family initials. For smaller families you could engrave three initials and a heart symbol, or for couples two initials and two symbols.  The choices are endless and versatile.

The sizes available means they make a great men's ring, and the personalisation make it an ideal Father's Day gift or for a special birthday.  You can choose from two finishes - polished and oxidised, or matte with a hand hammered finish.  Both striking and contemporary, these personalised signet rings have already been a hit over Christmas and we're already getting creative with new designs to come this spring. 

Scarlett Jewellery Personalised Men's Silver Signet Ring Personalised Men's Silver Signet Ring with Family Initials Personalized initials signet ring family crest UK