New Mojo Charm Beads for 2016

During the last year we've been really focused on desiging some beautiful new jewellery collections - our Twilight moon & star jewellery range, the gorgeous Eclipse collection and the emotive Simply Hearts just to name but three.  It's been a truly busy year.

But we were long overdue some new Mojo charm beads to add to the range - we recently did a survey and found that many of you love the Mojos as an easy gift or are collectors so we didn't want to leave them out of the new ranges.  Last month we launched the new Wanderlust bead for travellers and gap year adventurers with a yearning to explore the world, and the new Congratulations Mojo in time for graduation.

We're now pleased to launch three more, Written In The Stars - perfect for celebrating a fated event in your life that was 'meant to be', Everything Changes, reminding us that life evolves each day and that changing times aren't always a bad thing, and Marvellous Mum, a wonderful gift for mums to celebrate their amazing support.

Written In The Stars Engraved Bead Jewellery Marvellous Mum Mothers Day engraved jewellery Everything Changes engraved charm bead

About our silver charm beads

All our Mojo beads fit on our own brand bead bracelets, bangles and necklaces, and also fit Pandora bracelets so you can add meaning to your bracelet.  We designed the first Mojos in 2009 following the popularity of our Que Sera collection - lots of people loved the design and the engraved messages in the bead but wanted to choose their own.  At the time, engraving on something like a bead was near impossible and still today remains an expensive option compared to casting from an engraved wax, and so the Mojos were born. 

There were originally around 20 messages in the collection, some of which still remain the most popular ones today, including Live Love Laugh, Believe & Dream and Carpe Diem.  We have re-worked the original masters for many of these to improve the depth of the writing, and as we've added new ones we've incorporated symbols alongside the words to create something truly unique.

Unlike many other brands of charm beads ours are more simple, classic and easy to wear.  Other brands often use glass or stones and are much larger in size, but we've always been on the side of understated meaning and stuck with creating more subtle and stylish beads that are more about what they mean to the wearer.  The finish, of course, is paramount and the attention to detail in the design and making of each one is done with care and consideration.

Our charm beads fit Pandora bracelets

Often we get asked if our beads fit Pandora bracelets and the answer is yes.  Our Mojos are usually much smaller in size than Pandora or similar beads, but they mix and match perfectly to add something unique to your bracelet.  Remember, all our charm beads are made in the UK and each one is hallmarked on the top so you can be sure you're choosing something of high quality silver and supporting small, creative businesses too.