True² Silver Cuff rings collection by Scarlett Jewellery True² silver designer jewellery collection by Scarlett Jewellery


Contemporary jewellery design takes all forms, and simple shapes we see in the world around us lend such inspiration when it comes to designing original jewellery that's as much of a pleasure to make as it is to wear.

Scarlett's new True² collection is inspired by contemporary angular lines and evocative words that describe the ways we shape, sculpt and make our jewellery, and the word 'true' reflects the precision needed to make something into a finished, wearable piece.  To be true is to be exact, honest, balanced, authentic.  

The collection started with the True² silver twist ring - the idea began as a circle that turns into a square.  The ring ends with two off-set square ends tapering down to a rounded back.  The ends needed opposing to create an open, cuff style ring with the back more rounded and gentle for a comfortable fit . 

The simple square shaped silver studs could at a glance seem too simple.  Geometric and square jewellery has been featured in the press a lot recently with the rise in popularity of sculptural jewellery.  (This collection was requested as a feature on the front cover of Cosmopolitan magazine - watch this space!)

Scarlett believes in wearable jewellery and keeping it classic and wearable.  The edgy, hand finished, matted texture that we apply to many of these new designs gives them a new dimension from the traditional high polished finish.

For those looking for a more traditional look, the sleek polished finish set with diamonds is an easy choice for a day to night look.

The True² necklaces are easy to wear and playful in their design - the youthful styling of these two original silver pendants showcase the creativity in turning simple shapes into unique and wearable necklaces.  The True² twist bar pendant has an edgy appeal with it's off-set angles on a classic, simple trace chain.

To be true is to be honest, steady and faithful to what you believe in.  We believe in meaningful jewellery, and we also believe in creating contemporary and on-trend designs for any occasion.  We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy making them.

True² Square Silver Stud Earrings by Scarlett Jewellery True² Twist Bar Pendant