Design inspiration from Scarlett director Stevie

I've been thinking about what it means to be a mum a lot lately.  Work takes up a lot of my time as you would expect being the owner of a small jewellery making business. 

With juggling things like school applications, moving my daughter from nursery to pre-school, and helping my son get through the tricky toddler years and communicate his needs better, it's a wonder I manage to get any new designs together in time for those special gifting events of the year. 

Something for Mother's Day

I was keen to work on something new, something special for this year's Mother's Day over just a new Mojo or a new take on the customer's favourite Mum & Baby necklace, so started working on the Family Circle necklace last Autumn.

We've been very busy working on a lot of creative personalised jewellery lately, but I wanted to create something more subtle than just a personalised initial pendant where you collect an initial for your family member.  Something that adds the magical touch of gold to represent those you love the most, yet still has a personalised touch that makes each one unique.

About the design

My design was based on the idea that family is an eternal circle, and each of us is a rock that supports one another.  We made some tiny little organic shaped rings that were to represent each of the family, and then set about designing a simple, classic necklace to symbolise the eternal circle of a family.

The little rings are all solid silver, solid gold and rose gold, and the necklace is made with as few or as many of the rings as you like.  And yes - loops can be added later on with a new arrival - we simply cut open your necklace and add the new loop before soldering it closed again, joined forever.  The finished pendant comprises two silver circles hung together on a stylish silver bale from our Unity range.

We decided to include our 'Unity' link to finish off the two circle pendants - the symbolism behind the unity link fitted perfectly with the sentiment behind the design.

About the meaning card

I also felt it was important to include with every necklace a meaning card to explain who each of the loops represent, and Jenna designed a beautiful card that can be personalised with the names of your family members.

Ways to wear

I wore this necklace over Christmas in various incarnations to get the balance, size and shape just right - it's the sort of necklace that works best worn long, so it's offered on longer chain lengths than our usual sizes - easy worn over a jumper or shirt.  We've also created a simple pair of circle studs to compliment the necklace - choose from silver, gold or rose gold loops on these simple round studs - they make the perfect match.

I'm very pleased with the result - and because it's my design I'm sure I won't be getting one for Mother's Day this year, but who says the designer can't treat herself when it counts!  I can always say it was from the kids...

Our Family Circle necklace is the perfect reminder of your own crazy, beautiful, love-filled family.

The small rings on the pendant are organically shaped, giving a contemporary feel that makes this silver necklace the perfect everyday accessory for a busy Mum.

The pendant is crafted from two silver loops - two perfect circles that symbolise strength, love & unity.

Then it’s up to you to choose the number and colour of your family rings, each one represents a member of your family, creating a bespoke piece of jewellery that will remind you of your family, wherever you are.