Today (23rd of September 2015) marks this year’s autumn equinox which basically means autumn is upon us! The nights are now getting longer, our days shorter and a few degrees cooler too.

At this time of year some beautiful changes occur though and the changing colour of the trees is probably what we all think of when autumn is mentioned.  The trees go from different shades of green to golden browns, reds and yellows and when they fall they make a wonderful crunching noise under your feet.

But the trees aren’t the only thing we love about autumn, we also can’t wait to start cooking seasonal comfort food to warm us up. Hearty stews and soups become a staple part of our diets and rather than evenings spent in the garden we spend them wrapped up by the fire with a hot chocolate.

Yet one of the best (if not THE best!) things about autumn is that we get to treat ourselves to a new wardrobe. Layering up the chunky knits and accessorising with scarves, hats and gloves is a must once the temperature drops and we love all the textures and colours you can bring to an outfit this way. The perfect way to finish off an outfit is of course with jewellery and here at Scarlett we have plenty of pieces that will compliment your autumnal wardrobe. Our Tiny Beginnings necklace which features the acorn and oak leaf charm is a charming addition and the version with the gold acorn especially brings a sense of autumn warmness to it. We also have some new tiny acorn stud earrings which are such a cute, everyday pair you can wear throughout the year.

As sad as we are to say goodbye to summer, we will definitely be making the most of our autumn months and enjoying all it brings. We hope you have a fantastic autumn whatever you get up to and before you know it, it will be Christmas again!