All of us girls here at Scarlett have other half’s so we were discussing our Valentine’s Day plans a few days ago. Despite spending the past couple of weeks making lots of beautiful and meaningful pieces for our customers to give to their partners, it doesn’t seem like all of us will be having such romantic plans on Sunday...

Stevie and her partner Tim have two children – Amabel who is nearly 3 and Soren who is 1. Sunday is always a family day for them and this one won’t be any different, so they’re going to have a roast dinner and take the children out to the park (if the rain holds off!). The only thing that may differ from the usual Sunday is once the children are in bed, they will make time to sit with a glass of wine, something they rarely make time for in their hectic schedules. It’s the little things!

Laura is going to spend some of Valentine’s Day going for a walk with her single girlfriends. This has now become a bit of tradition for them and although Laura is now in a relationship, she likes to keep this up. She is then going to spend the afternoon with her boyfriend Ronnie helping out his parents with some building work they are doing to their house (Laura is a dab hand at DIY!!). Not the most romantic plans but it sounds like it will be a very productive Sunday for them!

Annika and her partner Paul are spending a Valentine’s Day evening going to see Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer at Brighton Dome – not a ‘traditional’ Valentine’s date but one we’re all a bit jealous of!

Chloe is going out for a Sunday roast with her boyfriend Jake. They have never really bothered with Valentine’s Day before but thought this year they would make a bit of an effort. Chloe hears such lovely things from our customers about their Valentine’s plans that she wanted to make some of her own!

Jenna is the only one at Scarlett who has really romantic plans with her husband Rob. They’re off for a weekend away in Bath to celebrate Valentine’s Day and their anniversary which isn’t far off. What a lucky pair!

So even though we may not all be having loved-up weekends, we will all be spending quality time with the men in our life and we all feel very lucky about that. We hope you all have a wonderful weekend whatever you get up to, whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day or not!


The girls at Scarlett x