My favourite personalised jewellery this year has stretched into three pieces - they all shared a similar theme of the anchor which has been on my list of designs to create so it's been nice to work with some ideas from our customers.  

I'm biased with two of them because they were bespoke pieces we made for my oldest friend who's been lucky enough to know me since I was beeping wheeled about in a push chair  The wedding rings for him and his partner, and some personalised gifts for the main helpers for their wedding all have a common theme, which is the Anchor. 

Their bespoke wedding rings were made from Palladium in sizes to fit them, then each one engraved inside with an anchor symbol.  They were beautifully chunky and the steely colour of the palladium was a gorgeous contemporary finish - they are the first palladium pieces we've made but hopefully not the last. The engraving inside these rings was acutally not done in house for a change, the delicate nature of them meant we used an expert hand engraver to get them bang on in the centre and identical in size. 

Anchor silver necklace

Palladium His and His wedding rings engraved with anchor

The second pieces with anchors in were a pair of silver personalised Mojo bead necklaces each engraved with two anchors - if the bead spins you can always see an anchor.  They wanted these pendants to mirror the symbols on their wedding rings to always remind the girls who received them of their special wedding day. (There aren't really bridesmaids to speak of when there's not a 'bride' in the traditional sense!)

My third favourite piece was a personalised Mojo bead engraved with 'my anchor' and a heart symbol.  I love the idea that people are anchored together in some way, so the symbolism of this bead really seemed special.

My Anchor personalised silver charm bead

Next year (once the madness of Christmas is over and I've recovered from a maddeningly busy 2016!) my plan is to design an anchor charm for our bracelet charm collection, and to offer an anchor symbol on lots of our personalised jewellery as an easy options customers can select online.  Just need to find the 'perfect' anchor first that works on all the different pieces we make!