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Do you make bespoke charms?

Scarlett make two types of charms - traditional bracelet charms that are three-dimensional and fixed to a single link on a traditional charm bracelet, or Mojo charm beads which slide over a snake or rope style bracelet and move about.

We offer personalised charm beads online so you can create your own Mojo with your own personal message or unique symbols engraved, but creating a bespoke soldering charm for a traditional bracelet is more complex, costly, but not impossible to do.

How would I get a bespoke charm made?

Each of our silver charms is made using the same process that would be used to make a bespoke, one-off charm.  The design is drawn up using illustrator then carved in wax by a skilled local wax carver.  This gives all the detail needed for the charm and ensures it's the right size once cast in silver or gold.

The wax is then sent to our UK casting company who specialise in loss-wax casting.  This means the original wax is melted to be cast into silver giving an almost exact replica of the original wax.  It's then sent to us to be cleaned up by our in-house jeweller Laura so it has the same perfect finish as all our other charms.  If you are wanting a bespoke gold charm it's then sent to the London Assay Office for hallmarking before being sent to you.

How long does it take to have a bespoke charm made for me?

This depends on how complex the charm is, but typically you're looking at 6-8 weeks minimum.  The process to make your charm is:

  1. Create your artwork, check all the dimensions are perfect for you
  2. Commission our expert wax carver to create it for you in wax
  3. Cast your wax charm in your desired metal

Clean up your charm and have it hallmarked if required

We stay in touch during the whole process to be sure you're happy with your design, and will send you pictures of the wax before it goes to be cast in your desired metal. 

The first process can take 2-4 weeks from design to a finished wax depending on our wax carver's availability and the complexity of the design.  We can arrange for complex designs to be drawn up in CAD and 3-d printed, the lead time is generally the same.

Once your wax is carved it can take 1-2 weeks for it to be cast, then around 1-2 weeks for it to be cleaned up and assayed. 

How much does it cost for a bespoke charm?

The process to make a bespoke charm is exactly the same as making any of our charms you see online, only the whole development cost is usually covered by a single charm, so it's not an inexpensive option compared to something like an engraved disc charm or bespoke charm bead.

Typically you will be looking at a cost of around £300-£400 for a bespoke silver charm, and around £400-£500 for a bespoke gold charm.  You will get a complete one-of-a-kind design that will never be reproduced. 

If you were looking for multiple charms of your design then you would be looking at a greatly reduced cost for any second or third castings of your charm - we can get a mould made from your original wax and cast as few or as many as you like, so for a special event such as a wedding you could have several made at once spreading the cost of your bespoke design over multiple gifts.

Have you made any bespoke charms before?

We have made several bespoke charms for corporate gifts before, and a few for customers looking for their own original charms.  Examples include an osprey bird, sausage dog charm and a frangipani flower.  Other ideas for bespoke charms could be having one of our existing charms made in rose gold, or 18ct gold - this can often be a much more affordable and faster option.

Who do I get in touch with about my idea for a custom charm?

Email Stevie Holmes our designer on info@scarlettjewellery.com with your ideas and for a quote.  For corporate gift jewellery enquiries you can use the same email address - it helps to have an idea of your design idea, budget and lead time for a quick response.

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