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Family Collection 

Our Family collection is symbolic of family devotion, nurturing and protecting your loved ones. The pendants nestle together like a family, fitting together as one.

Hand crafted in solid sterling silver with some elements in gold, the pendants hang perfectly, held together with the weight of their supporting chain.  The matching small silver hoop earrings gently cup the ear for an everyday pair of silver hoops.

Family Collection

  • This necklace gives you an original and unique way of wearing your family close.  The nested silver pendants are hand crafted with a tactile and organic shape - they fit perfectly together and represent mum's protection of her baby. A more understated way to mark your family than a traditional engraved name necklace, this beautifully finished and...

    £ 69.00
  • Our Family collection is symbolic of family devotion - separate, beautifully shaped silver and gold pendants are looped together - embraced around each other, representing mum protecting her child. A simple design and a subtle symbol of motherhood in one of our classically styled and wearable necklaces. Personalise the unique meaning card with mum and...

    £ 129.00
  • This emotive silver necklace features the 'parent' pendants of the Family collection looped together on a sterling silver spiga chain. Symbolic of family devotion - each pendant embraces the one beneath as if to protect and shield each other. Handmade in our Hove studio, each pendant is expertly made from solid sterling silver, with silver chain loops...

    £ 99.00
  • An emotive, handmade sterling silver necklace that features three individually cast silver pendants looped together on a silver spiga chain.  This elegant necklace was designed to symbolise 'family' - each pendant embraces the one within it as if to protect and shield each other. Personalise the unique meaning card with your families name and make it...

    £ 109.00
  • Our Family Circle necklace is the perfect reminder of your own crazy, beautiful, love-filled family. The pendant is crafted from two silver loops - two perfect circles that symbolise strength, love & unity. Then it’s up to you to choose the number and colour of your family rings, each one represents a member of your family, creating a bespoke piece of...

    £ 90.00