2018 marks 20 years of Scarlett Jewellery. Orginally named after romantic icon Scarlett O'Hara, Scarlett was founded by Sarah Fenton.  Our ethos is to create you classic and wearable silver jewellery designs that command attention, filled with meaning and symbolism to add that all important personal touch.

Designer & director Stevie Holmes has been the key driver of Scarlett's design and direction for over 11 years establishing an evolving range that fits with you and the modern world.  The acute attention to detail, perfect finish and high quality silver & gold used in every piece gives you jewellery that's classic and refined.  The focus is on beautifully crafted pieces that will last and get so much wear. 

The meanings in many collections make them a joy to wear - reminding you of the important things every day. Of the ones you treasure, of the things that matter to you, to bring you a touch of positivity and aid mindfulness, and the landmark moments in life that define you.


Our jewellery is made in a beautiful creative space tucked away in central Hove.

Our designs are unique, not mass produced, and hand finished to your specifications by our small and select team of expert jewellers.

We offer a wide range of personalised jewellery that's all engraved to order in the workshop.  Our unique and creative engraving designs give you truly original jewellery that marks your special moments.


  • Our jewellery is classic, simple, timeless & wearable
  • There’s often a meaningful story behind the designs making thoughtful and heartfelt gifts.
  • Every piece is beautifully made with a perfect finish
  • We pride ourselves on our quality - many customers return for minor maintenance following years of daily wear
  • Choosing Scarlett means you're investing carefully considered and thoughtful pieces to treasure 
  • Our small and trusted team offer a truly personal service direct with the designer.
  • Our exclusive ranges aren't available across the high street, allowing you to choose something original, unique - an undiscovered gem.


Truly beautiful jewellery should be more than just rings, silver necklaces or a pair of silver earrings - it should be personal, stylish and be worn effortlessly and often. We are passionate about  meaningful design and create both classic and contemporary jewellery to become an extension of your personality.

We only ever use solid 9ct gold and the highest quality solid silver, and hallmarked in the UK. Nothing is base metal.  Nothing is gold plated. 

We don't offer lots of discounts or deals as we know our jewellery is great value, well priced and crafted to last.  Being a small business we work to tight margins in a very competitive marketplace.  Maintaining our high standards, excellent service and small manufacturing team is more important to us than offering cheap mass produced designs, or compromising our quality to fit a price point. 

With express delivery available on most items, you will be wearing your jewellery the very next day.


We design and make our jewellery to have a unique, personal meaning that can be interpreted by each and every customer in their own way to become a true part of them. Our symbolic pieces are designed for you to celebrate the special moments, milestones and memories in your life.

We pride ourselves on our personalised jewellery service because sometimes a gift needs to be extra special. From name necklaces to anniversary rings, whatever it is you need to say, we'll help you say it in style.

We love taking your ideas and making them happen - we have designed and engraved symbols in our jewellery including flowers, bicycles, sea lions and whales. It's a fun challenge and keeps us creative- get in touch with your ideas.


We take inspiration from our customers. Sometimes your feedback on a design, collection or a simple personalised message really touches us and inspires us to continue to design beautiful jewellery that's special to you.

Reading your feedback brings smiles to our faces. But we especially love hearing about how each piece adds meaning to a part of your life, represents something special, or is part of a wonderful story.

We love sharing your Scarlett stories; your milestones and memories, bad times and good times all provide inspiration for each other. Join in the conversation, share your story and be part of our social community. Don't forget to use our unique hashtag #jewellerywithspirit

The Scarlett Guarantee

In the very unlikely event that your jewellery requires some sort of repair, Scarlett offer a six month guarantee from date of purchase and will repair free of charge or replace your item during this time. This guarantee excludes general wear and tear or misuse. Our jewellery is made to last but it will still break if not treated right.

We will of course happily repair a broken clasp for you any time - catching bracelets on door handles is a remarkably common reason for a fault developing, and easy for us to fix.

We also cannot guarantee your jewellery won't tarnish as this can naturally happen to silver and gold. We will happily give your jewellery a free clean for you if this happens, but cannot accept returns on tarnished jewellery outside of our 14 day policy.

Guarantee & Care of Leather Bracelets

In the case of leather bracelets, please don't wear them swimming, showering and in the bath or washing up if you want them to last a long time. Leather is a natural product and it doesn't like being submerged in water. You wouldn't do it to a vintage biker jacket so please, please don't do it to our lovely, stitched Italian leather bracelets. Exposure to water can also cause the clasps to become loose over time.

Our Mojos and Traveller Charm leather bracelets have all been designed so the beads and charms can easily be added and removed - this does mean without care they can fall off when you're fastening your bracelet, so it's best to get help fastening them where possible. 

We can supply silicone 'stoppers' for these bracelets which help the beads to stay on - get in touch for details.

Service and Repair Prices

We offer and extensive repair and maintenance service to help you enjoy your jewellery for longer.  Visit our Services, Adjustment and Repairs page today for a full price list.

We can solder on your new charms and give your bracelet a full professional clean, rize that precious ring that no longer fits, or add Mojos to bangles. 

If you don't see your service listed, get in touch as we'd love to help.

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