The Scarlett Guarantee

In the very unlikely event that your jewellery requires some sort of repair, Scarlett offer a six month guarantee from date of purchase and will repair free of charge or replace your item during this time. This guarantee excludes general wear and tear or misuse. Our jewellery is made to last but it will still break if not treated right.

We will of course happily repair a broken clasp for you any time - catching bracelets on door handles is a remarkably common reason for a fault developing, and easy for us to fix.

We also cannot guarantee your jewellery won't tarnish as this can naturally happen to silver and gold. We will happily give your jewellery a free clean for you if this happens, but cannot accept returns on tarnished jewellery outside of our 14 day policy.

Guarantee & Care of Leather Bracelets

In the case of leather bracelets, please don't wear them swimming, showering and in the bath or washing up if you want them to last a long time. Leather is a natural product and it doesn't like being submerged in water. You wouldn't do it to a vintage biker jacket so please, please don't do it to our lovely, stitched Italian leather bracelets. Exposure to water can also cause the clasps to become loose over time.

Our Mojos and Traveller Charm leather bracelets have all been designed so the beads and charms can easily be added and removed - this does mean without care they can fall off when you're fastening your bracelet, so it's best to get help fastening them where possible. 

We can supply silicone 'stoppers' for these bracelets which help the beads to stay on - get in touch for details.

Scarlett's Jewellery Repair Service

After the six month guarantee period we can still repair your jewellery for a nominal fee, including postage costs.

Things like our charm rings & Que Sera Rings that have moving parts do wear over time and need a slight service every year or so keep from losing the heart or wearing out the bead -this depends on how often you wear it of course.

Get in touch for a quote on your jewellery - we don't profit from repair like this, it just matters to us that you can keep on enjoying it. Of course we only undertake repairs on items made by Scarlett.

Caring For Silver Jewellery

All silver products can be liable to tarnish over time for many reasons including

  • Exposure to perfume, chlorine, cosmetics or body lotions & sun screen.
  • Humidity and hot weather
  • Stress and diet are known to have an effect due to the release of toxins through the pores. Eating a lot of eggs can cause an increase in sulphur released through the skin and has been proven to cause silver tarnish.
  • Wearing silver jewellery whilst exercising can cause silver to tarnish quicker due to perspiration.

We suggest cleaning your jewellery with a fine-grade anti-tarnish silver polishing cloth

Storing Silver Jewellery

A container that locks out air is preferable to storing your jewellery unwrapped in a gift box. The most common household items with this function are ziplock bags, or any other airtight bag with a non-abrasive surface.

We do offer a cleaning service, just give us a call on 01273 722 110 for more information. Postage is payable for shipping your jewellery to us and back to you by return, but we will clean your jewellery for free.

Service and Repair Prices

We offer and extensive repair and maintenance service to help you enjoy your jewellery for longer.  Visit ou Services, Adjustment and Repairs page for a full price list.

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