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How do I measure a bangle?

If you are looking to buy a new bangle but aren’t sure about what size you need there are a few easy ways you can find your size.  If you have a round bangle at home that fits you, the best and most accurate way to know is to measure across the inside diameter of your bangle as shown in the image below  – that’s straight across the middle at the widest point.  Please note, if your bangle is oval it will measure and fit differently to our round bangles.

Bangle Sizing Guide Scarlett Jewellery

If you don't have a bangle at home, it's best to visit a good local jeweller who can measure your bangle size. 

Can I find my bangle size by measuring my hand?

Measuring around the hand or wrist often isn't a reliable way to get your size as it all comes down to how flexible your hand is, and how narrow or broad your hand is across the knuckles.  Our standard bangle size measures 65mm inside diameter and we find the vast majority of women fit this bangle size perfectly.

What are your bangle sizes?

All our solid gold & silver bangles have a standard inside diameter of 65mm (unless otherwise specified), but we offer a smaller or larger size online, made to order in just 2-3 days. The small size measures 60mm and the larger size 70mm.

If you find your chosen bangle doesn't fit, you are welcome to exchange it for a standard (65mm), small (60mm) or large (70mm) size free of charge.  We can make sizes in-between those listed on the website, but we will have to resize them for you so it helps to be 100% sure of your size before we make it.

How do you resize a bangle?

To resize a silver bangle we carefully cut it open, remove or insert a piece, reshape it to your size then solder it closed.  This takes just a few days to do for a small charge depending on the bangle size needed - typically £5-£10.   Please be aware once resized to a non standard size bangles are no longer returanable so get in touch if you are struggling to find your correct size as we may be able to send you some samples to help.

Can any of your charms be made into a charm bangle?

Charm bangles are a popular choice, and we have a wide range of traditional bracelet charms and engraved charm beads

Our charm beads are perfect for bangles as they have a wide central hole allowing them to fit around the bangle and move about freely without catching on clothing or getting damaged.

Our traditional soldering charms have a much smaller link to join them to a charm bracelet and as such aren't reccomended for a charm bangle.  When these charms are fixed to a link on a traditional chain bracelet they don't move about much and are less likely to catch on clothing and will last longer.  When fixed onto a bangle they will free-move about and can get tangled together (especially if you have more than one on a bangle) and are more likely to break in time.

However we do have several charm bangles with tiny charms designed to work on a bangle - our heart and star charm bangles are popular with their quirky and organic charm shape, silver and gold options, and the design of the loop that holds the charm to the bangle means they shouldn't catch on your clothing.

Rose gold and silver heart charm bangle Silver star handmade charm bangle

What's the difference between a cuff bangle and a solid bangle?

cuff bangle usually has either an open section or a hinged clasp allowing the cuff to be worn tightly around the wrist - instead of having to pass over the hand to put in on, you can slide it over the wrist meaning it can be a lot smaller in size than a traditional solid silver bangle.

Our cuff bangles are slightly oval in shape and come in two sizes:

  • Standard - 60mm across the widest point
  • Large - 67.5mm across the widest point

Silver Cuff bangle personalised with name

Bangle sizing chart

This is a simple bangle sizing conversion chart which should help with your sizing if you know your bangle size in inches or on a US gauge.

You can always contact us on 01273 722110 if you need any assistance choosing the right sized bangle.

Inside Diameter MMInside Diameter InchesScarlett Bangle SizeUS Bangle Size
60mm 2.3" Small 2/6
65mm 2.5" Standard 2/9
70mm 2.75" Large 2/12

Browse some of our handmade silver bangles online today - here are a few favourites.

Personalised Silver Charm bead bangle Simply heart silver handmade bangle Heart gold charm bangles in silver and gold Que Sera silver and gold worry bead bangle
Personalised silver charm bead bangle Silver Simply Heart charm bangle Sweetheart Heart Charm Bangles Silver & Gold Worry Bead Bangle