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How do I measure a ring?

If you are looking to buy a new silver or handmade gold ring but aren’t sure about what size you need there are a few easy ways you can find your size.  If you have a ring at home that fits you, the best and most accurate way to know is to measure across the inside diameter of your ring as shown in the image below  – that’s straight across the middle at the widest point, then use our simple conversion chart below to work out what your UK ring size is.

If you don't have a ring to measure at home, you can either visit a local jeweller who will be able to measure your ring size, or give us a call on 01273 722110 to request a free ring sizer in the post.




Diameter mm





UK ring size I 15.2 48 4.5
UK ring size J 15.6 49 5
UK ring size K 16 50 5.5
UK ring size L 16.4 52 6
UK ring size M 16.8 53 6.5
UK ring size N 17.2 54 7
UK ring size O 17.6 55 7.5
UK ring size P 18 56 8
UK ring size Q 18.4 58 8.5
UK ring size R 18.8 59 9
UK ring size S 19.2 60


These sizes aren't exhaustive as there are lots of sizes in between but it gives you a good idea allowing you to choose the most suitable size for your finger from our large range of designer handmade rings.

Can I find my ring size by measuring my finger?

Measuring around the finger using a tape measrue isn't a reliable way to get your size as it often comes down to the size of your knuckle rather than the measurement at the base of the finger.  Our free ring sizers are designed to size up or down so you can slide it over the finger as you would a finished ring to know your perfect size.

What sizes are your rings available in?

Our handmade rings are available in a wide range of sizes dependent on the design.  Some we can size up or down to a wide range of sizes, others are limited when they have a finished texture or engraved message for example.  We can sometimes make rings in very large or very small sizes outside those listed online by removing or adding in a section, or even joining two rings together in the case of larger mens ring sizes.  Just get in touch if you have any questions.

How do you resize a ring?

We resize our rings typically on a professional jewellers ring sizer which gradually stretches or squashes the ring down to the new size.  The ring is then refinished and polished.  Having a ring stretched up a size or two is relatively straight forward and you won't notice a difference in the appearance, but for large size alterations rings may become thinner once enlarged, but we will never undertake a sizing if we feel it will weaken the strength of the ring.

If I buy a ring that doesn't quite fit - what's the cost to resize it?

We charge just £5 to resize our rings unless they need a section putting in, such as a large increase in size.  For stacking rings where there are several rings to resize, the charge would be per ring.  So for example our Eclipse Silver Stacking Rings would incur a £15 charge to resize all three rings.

Your Que Sera Rings are available in a sizing range - why is this?

Our Que Sera worry bead rings are unusual because of the gold bead that spins on the ring - this makes them slightly tricky to size using a traditional ring stick.  We have carefully measured the range of finger sizes they fit on, and some rings do overlap in the sizes they can fit - this depends on the size of the knuckle the ring has to fit over.  Remeber you can always exchange a ring that doesn't fit.

Top Tip for trying on a Que Sera Ring

Slide the gold bead to the thin side of the ring then put it on upside down, with the bead on the underside of the finger.  Once the ring is on, slide the bead around the ring to the top for the perfect fit - see below for video example.

Can any of your other charms be used on your charm rings?

Charm rings have become really popular, and ours feature a little dangling heart charm on a solid silver ring.  We have in the past made these with a little cupcake charm (pictured below) but most of our bracelet charms are simply too large to be worn on a charm ring as they will catch on clothing and wear heavily causing the loop on the ring to thin very quickly.

Some of our gold and silver pendants COULD be worn on a charm ring, however the sizes aren't as well suited and you might find that they look a little small, aren't as rounded or don't hang as well, or in the case of the tiny star are a little sharp on the edges for wearing on a ring.  But if you have an idea of something you'd like to try as a charm ring let us know and we can offer you some advice or take a photograph of a mock-up to send you before you make your decision.

Silver heart charm ring Silver cupcake charm ring

Can any of your silver rings be made in gold?

Most our our rings can be made in gold on request as bespoke pieces.  Lead times are typically 4-6 weeks and quotes are given based on the current gold fix of the day, so if you would like a quote for a bespoke gold ring call us on 01273 722110 for a price today.

Browse some of our handmade silver rings online today - here are a few favourites.

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