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Jewellery Engraving

Scarlett specialise in personalised jewellery for both men and women - we collectively have years of experience and engrave our jewellery in-house using a vintage pantograph.  Used during world war II this antique engraving machine was used to engraved name plates for soldiers for their bags and accomodation. 

To keep our jewellery engraving original, we have had our own bespoke made font created to use on our pantograph, and have cultivated unique graphic design techniques that allow us to engrave original symbols and lettering in all kinds of jewellery.  We can be flexible with character limits on pieces of jewellery by making writing larger or smaller, can engrave on curved shapes and surfaces, and are constantly desinging new contemporary personalised necklaces and engraved bracelets for both our website and our store on Not On The High Street.

What's a pantograph?

Our pantograph dates back to the 1930s and is a solid steel framed machine using a spinning lathe cutter whilst the other end traces the letters, shrinking them down to a range of sizes.  Our main workshop engraver Laura has had to practice for years to be skilled enough to use the machine on personalised gold jewellery.  With one hand she carefully traces the letters whilst the other hand slowly lowers the engraving cutter into the jewellery to the exact depth to give a consistent engraved finish.  With curved items such as our personalised charm beads this is particularly tricky as you have to stop and rotate the beads with each letter to engrave the writing in it consistently all the way round.

Using this tool it means we can really engrave on most flat surfaces. 

Pantograph bespoke engraving fonts Vintage Pantograph Cutter Vintage pantograph jewellery machine

How do you get your hand-written font for your charm beads?

We have carefully designed a range of fonts that work on the pantograph to keep our personalised Mojos looking as similar to our cast silver beads as much as possible.  It is very time consuming to design each bespoke charm bead first to make sure the writing has even spacing for the bead size, then we slowly engrave into the surface one letter at a time, hence why they are so much more costly than our standard charm beads.  The margin for error is very slight and we strive for perfection every time we create a personalised silver necklace or bead.

Personalised silver necklaces for bridesmaids Personalised engraved men's silver ring Personalised Silver Charm Bead

What sort of personalised jewellery do you make?

We make a wide range of personalised jewellery gifts including: