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Charm Rings - A Care Guide

Charm rings have increased in popularity in recent times, and we are finding more and more customers are wearing them and taking joy in showing them off to their friends. 

Our silver charm rings have either silver, gold or rose gold dangling hearts, and each one is handmade, sized and finished in our workshop with a UK assay mark.  They have a chunky ring profile, solid silver with a lovely, heavy weigh, and are also available in solid yellow or rose gold.  We have also made these unique rings as bespoke comissions in 18ct gold - get in touch for a quick quote if you'd like an 18ct gold charm ring made in your size.

Silver & rose gold dangling heart ring Silver dangling heart ring Solid gold heart charm ring

How are your charm rings made?

Our charm rings are made in three parts - the main ring is cast in solid silver or gold then hallmarked.  The silver and gold hearts are cast as a separate piece - the gold hearts are also hallmarked so you can be confident they made in solid gold.  The ring and heart are joined by a soldered loop so the heart dangles freely on the ring.  The size of the heart is small and softly rounded so it's surprisingly comfortable to wear day in, day out.  In fact we have so many customers who love their charm rings they come back every year or so to have them refinished, repaired and maintained to give years more wear.

This is a video showing how we make our charm rings - this section focusing on the attaching of the charm to the ring once it's been hallmarked.

How do charm rings wear over time?

As with any jewellery that has a moving part, they can wear gradually over time.  Silver & gold aren't hard metals like stainless steel or titanium and the heart, ring, and adjoining loop are all moving about meaning the metal can gradually wear away.  This isn't an issue with a necklace that stays static by comparison, but we all have busy hands and so just wearing day-to-day wear & tear is unavoidable and is no reflection on the quality of the materials used. 

What's your guarantee for charm rings?

All our designer silver jewellery is fully guaranteed against any faults or issues for 6 months from purchase, but we offer an extended 12 month repair service to all our charm rings because we know you're going to want to wear it for years, and we are aware how they can wear more than most other jewellery due to the moving heart.

The key things to look out for are wearing on the top of the heart, and wearing on the loop of the ring.  If you see either of these parts start to look thin, just get in touch and we will replace the loop and thicken up the heart to keep them safe and secure when worn.

After 12 months we can still repair your charm ring for a nominal charge depending on the location of the wear and metals, but typically it's just around £10-£15 for a silver ring and £20-£30 for a gold heart or ring.  Call us on 01273 722110 with any queries or advice on your jewellery, we're happy to help.

Silver Heart Charm Ring